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Brockwood Inc Ltd.

The leading educational service solution.

Brockwood Incorporated Limited provides students with educational support services such as scholarships, internship programs, and training in the best companies around the globe.

Supporting students to get into their dream universities.

We offer students accurate information on finding and choosing the best international universities to advance their studies. Studying abroad can only be an exceptional experience when the foundation is built, and that’s choosing the right school for your study. Remember, the goal is to get the highest quality of education, which can only happen with globally accepted top universities.


What we do

Educational Services

Brockwood Incorporated Limited provides students with educational support services such as scholarships, internship programs, and training in the best companies around the globe.

Career Training

At Brockwood Inc, we can facilitate staff training through our wealth of experience working with Academia and industrial training experts.


Helping students get internships with the best organizations is also one of the services we offer. Student internships are beneficial in numerous ways...

Our Mission Statement

Our mission at Brockwood Incorporated Limited is to support the dreams of students who wish to study in an international environment by empowering them with easy access to relevant information and resources.
We aim to connect the most deprived of the world to the top educational hubs, so they can go out there and conquer the world. We are committed to growing a sustainable structured system that is capable of managing international education and training.
We seek to be one of the world's leading producers and providers of education support service and training. To constantly innovate and use our portfolio of brands to differentiate our content, services and client experience, we seek to develop the most creative, futuristic and proficient global education experiences and related experience in the world.

Highly regarded professionals

Our team of enthusiastic experts makes it possible to provide
the best services to you- our prospects and clients. With their expertise and professionalism, you will not only get quality service but a sublime experience that will keep you coming back and referring others to us.

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Feedback / Inquiry Section

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Ibrahim Olatunde


My dream of Studying abroad became a reality after my contact with Brockwood, i want to say a big thank you to your team for every effort put in place to see that my application become successful.

Sara Wilsson


I Got my opportunity to serve as an intern student, through the effort put in place by the Brockwood team thanks to you for your efforts.

Cliff Elad

Student - DMU

I started my application to study at De Montfort University in 2021, and by September of the same year, I was accepted into the university. All this was made possible by Brockwood. They assisted me throughout the application process by applying for me and doing the necessary follow up to ensure my application was accepted and admission offered. I also got my visa quickly because Brockwood ensured that the institution made my CAS document (acceptance of study) available promptly. Right now, I’m enjoying my time at DMU, even though I have only been attending lectures online. I can’t wait to participate in physical classes.

Mayowa Danjuma

Brockwood is a multinational company made of smart and production guys, and helping young talents find there place outside the shores of there native country.

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